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A foremost Nigerian Human Rights Activist, Playwright and a prolific Author, President Civil Rights Congress, a leading figure in the struggle for the restoration of democracy in Nigeria. He has been arrested and jailed by past successive military regimes in Nigeria. He was released from life imprisonment when democracy was restored in Nigeria in 1999. He is the Chairman Hand in Hand Africa, Member African union African pear review mechanism, Member  United  Nations Reform committee, Appointed by Nigerian President as a Member of Presidential Committee on Prison Reforms, Presidential committee on the Control of Violent Crimes and Illegal Weapons, Presidential Committee on Petroleum Products Prices, Presidential Committee on Conflict Resolution, Member Niger State Judicial Commission of Inquiry, Member National Political Reform conference, member Charles Taylor Investigation Committee,  Also appointed by the Nigerian government as a Board Member of Nigerian Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (NEITI)

Awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree by Nigerian University of Continuing Education Enugu, Nigeria and has received a number of awards by the West African Student Union, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria’s TELL magazine honored him as a Hero of Democracy, National Association of Nigeria Authors inducted him into the Hall of Fame.
He has organized and led protest;

  • Against Iraq invasion on the State of Kuwait
  • Against the Israeli war on Gaza in 2008
  • Against the visit of George Bush and Tony Blair to Nigeria in March 2010
  • Against Israeli raid on Gaza land Flotilla in June 2010
  • Against the Congolese Government on the detainment of two Norwegians: Joshua French and Moland Tjostolv

The above are part of hundreds of protest which he led in the past.

Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria is a coalition of about 37 Human Rights Group, basically, in the northern part of Nigeria. Concerned about the protection, defense and advancement of civil and political rights of the people of Nigeria, particularly as it affects the Northern part of Nigeria because, in this part of the country, there are not as many Human Rights Group as we have in the southern part of Nigeria. The emphasis is simply to mobilize the people, enlighten them and get them at pair with fellow citizens in other parts of the country to be able to defend their rights whenever it is being violated by Local, State or Federal Agents of Government…Click here to read more about Civil Rights Congress.



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Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria

#5 Katsina Road, Opposite Pilgrims Board

Kaduna State

+234 803 652 7512, +234 803 453 2590


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