The Fulani as a people and as an ethnic group don’t subscribe to or advocate for violence against any ethnic group. They have for centuries always lived peacefully with people of all nationalities and tribes within and outside of Nigeria. It’s unfair to tag or condemned the whole of the Fulani race as mass murderers. Its also cowardly for those who need to speak out to chose to remain silent for political expediency. Fulanis are themselves victims of Killer Herdsmen and Kidnappers.

Armed Herdsmen are dangerous criminals constituting a threat to our peace. If we all agree that there are good and bad people in all tribes and ethnic groups, then it’s so with the Fulani people. Herdsmen who kill and burn are nothing but Terrorists and they should be properly addressed and treated as such. The new rave of criminalizing and generalizing the Fulani must be rejected and condemned by all.

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